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Join the Family!

At Aegend, listening to customer feedback and building a long-term customer-friendly ecosystem is a critical part of what we do. Without the genuine support of millions of customers in the past 5 years, we wouldn't be able to achieve such development. To encourage more and more customers interact with us actively, we created the Aegend Rewards program. Joining this is just like joining a VIP club. You get exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards and other special benefits.

What are the Program benefits? (Updated on 10/1/2020)

● Get a chance to join monthly contest of Amazon Gift Cards.
For October giveaway please check this.
● Automatically enter a giveaway to win full rebates of your most recent order (before joining).
(10 winners per month, maximum cashback $30)
● Get $5 off with $25 purchase for your next order.
● Invite your friends to apply Aegend Rewards, both of you get $5 coupon.
● Frequent new arrivals free trial.
● Member day exclusive big discount every month.
● Special birthday gifts.

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1. How do I know who wins the gifts?
We will broadcast live on Instagram at the beginning of each month to pick winners. We will send an notification email to invite all new members to the broadcast. After that, we’ll announce the names of all winners on our Homepage and also our Facebook fanpage, then contact you by email to claim the gifts.
Facebook fanpage: @aegend

2. Is everyone eligible for all the benefits mentioned above?
Gift cards and cashback giveaways only open to newly joined members in the current month.
Other benefits apply to all members.

3. Do I have to buy Aegend products to join?
No purchase needed to join membership and win gift card giveaways. Cash back only works for valid Aegend orders on Amazon.

4. Who is eligible to join this program?
Applicants must reside in one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, other EU countries, Australia.

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