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Aegend Ambassador Program丨Seeking Content Creators

by Aegend Official Sep 05,2020expired

Calling all creators!

Do you have your own blog or channel? Maybe you're a crack shot with a camera and love to show off your photos on Instagram. Or maybe you're just a social media junkie with a flock of followers hanging on your every tweet. Whatever your creative outlet might be, we want you to join the Aegend Ambassador program!

You might not have an idea about Ambassador program, here it is:

Aegend Ambassadors create content related to our products. What we need is your honest user experience.. Anyone with a creative passion, hobby, or idea is eligible to apply. No worries if you're not an expert writer, let's grow together!

You can expect to get the sample products we provide to you (at least one post/piece per product). You'll also agree to let us use your creative work on our social media, marketing initiatives, and more.

Aegend Ambassadors get access to exclusive benefits like:
· 1 free product sample every month.
· Early access to newly released products.
· Credit you and your channel on the post for promotion.
· Other exclusive perks (to be announced).

A few important notes: this application is open to everyone, even those who are new to the community. We'll also be keeping the application process open for the foreseeable future, but if you think you've got what it takes, don't hesitate to let us know.

How do you apply to this program?
Fill out a simple form to apply:
Comment below the post if you apply!

We're looking forward to your application!

We Love Testing Program

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