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Aegend Clear Sport Swim Goggles

"These are excellent swim goggles and easily fit our small 8 year old boy and all the adults in our family. Everyone loves them. Much higher quality than the Speedo goggles they replaced." - JMac

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Product Description

  • 1. COMFORTABLE: Flexible silicone frame and gasket provides maximum comfort.
  • 2. SHATTER PROOF: Polycarbonate lenses stay strong even in the toughest conditions.
  • 3. EFFECTIVE: UV protection and anti-fog coating enhances your swimming experience.
  • 4. CLEAR: No tint or artificial color hindering aesthetic pleasure.
  • 5. Hassle Free, 12 month guarantee!
TIPS for preventing fogging: 
All of our goggles lenses are covered by an anti-fog coating. With proper maintenance, you can help it work longer. 
1. Always remember to wet the lens inside so the coating can work. Put goggles in pool water for a while before swim.
2. NEVER wipe the lens.
3. After swim, wash the lens with fresh water and then let it air dry. 
#1 Top Rated AEGEND Swim Goggles 
What other customers think of Aegend Swim Goggles: 
Keith R. Gastineau 
I'm a 72 year old lap swimmer. The goggles i've been using (which were not cheap) work fine some days and not so
good others. Nothing disrupts my routine like water in my googles. I read a review of these goggles on Amazon, which
said they "would be the last pair I'll have to buy". Couldn't agree more. Absolutely completely satisfied. 
Easy Care and Maintenance: 
-To clean goggles: always rinse completely under cold water to remove chlorine, salt, sand and other contaminants. 
-Do not leave your goggles out under direct sunlight as this can dry the soft silicone seals and fade its color. 
-Never rub or wipe the insides of your lenses as this can scratch or remove the anti-fog coating. 
-Protect your swimming goggles by storing them in their protective case (included).

Item Information

SKU: DD-02-0002         UPC: 713458599568


Q:  How to adjust these goggles to fit the head?
A:  There are two adjustment buckles on the strap near the back clasp. Press the buckles and easily adjust the
Q:  Do these googles keep water out of your eyes?
A:  Yes these goggles are water-seal. The soft silicone eye sockets can effectively keep the water out yet won't cause
      too much pressure to leave raccoon marks.
Q:  How good is the anti-fog treatment? Does it last long?
A:  There is anti-fog coating inside the lenses. The life of the coating is about 95 hours. But it depends on how you use
      the goggles. Please never wipe or touch the inner side of lens. Keep it dry and clean after your swim.

Q:  Can these goggles work well under dark light in a indoor pool?
A:  Yes these goggles have clear lenses. They can provide awesome crystal underwater view even in a indoor pool.
Q:  Can these goggles work well for children?
A:  It depends on how big the kid's head is. We have customer reviews saying that the goggles work well for their 5-
      year-old, 7-year-old, 11-year-old and so on.